DOMIPEX project

Carbon uptake in headwater streams: insights from the first collaborative experiment among AIL young researchers

During the Limnologia 2016 meeting in Tortosa, the main results of the selected project from the first Call of Collaborative Projects J-AIL will be presented by Dr Núria Catalán, one of coordinators of the project. This special session will take place on 4th Monday July.

The first Collaborative Project among young researchers supported by the AIL, constitutes the first Coordinated Distributed Experiment exclusively developed among young scientists. The project, DOMIPEX, aimed to examine the variability of carbon (C) uptake and metabolism linked to flow variation across European headwater streams. The team performed additions of acetate and nitrate and monitored dissolved oxygen concentration in eleven streams during low (summer) and high (fall) flow conditions. The results of this study indicate strong differences in the biological uptake of C among locations and regions. Both for the C uptake and the stream metabolism the regional variability prevailed over the flow conditions. Factors such as nitrogen availability, C quality or catchment descriptors, such as land uses, were relevant drivers of C uptake in the studied headwater streams.